Gamewell - FCI Mass Notification System

Mass Notification Solutions - E3 Series®

Those looking for a solid Mass Notification System (MNS) turn to the E3 Series® Expandable Emergency Evacuation System for their solution. The E3 Series® strength, flexibility and survivability make it a perfect choice for keeping the public informed in the event of an emergency. The system’s ability to communicate real time information regarding the type of emergency that is occurring, and safely instruct people on what to do, and where to go, offers building owners, government officials, and facility managers a simple, proven answer to their safety requirements. Emergency Communication is distributed to particular zones or regions, on specific floors, buildings and outdoor locations spread out over a large area. Using a state-of-the art digital signal processor (DSP), the system provides reliable clear messaging, live voice instruction, text information across the network to all Local Operating Consoles (LOC). These distinctive features minimize confusion and panic during emergency conditions.


Using Broadband Technology enables full network control and emergency tones over two wires or fiber optic cable, reducing installation cost. In many cases, the Mass Notification System may be installed as part of a campus network fire alarm system. By engineering the E3 Series network with our “building block” approach, we combine mass notification with fire alarm control providing a seamless, cost effective, complete Emergency Communication System.


True peer-to-peer exchange of data packets ensures that each segment of the system operates independently, for fast clear and highly survivable emergency warning. Our E3 Series offers an MNS that can be configured as a standalone voice or incorporated into a state of the art UL 9th Edition, networked fire alarm system. With the addition of the Local Operating Console units combined with our 2-wire technology, we provide a true mass notification system with less hardware and less wire than the competition.


• True peer-to-peer architecture

• Supervised “Style 7” wiring

• Simple configuration of multiple LOCs

• Each node regenerates network communications

• Up to 64 network nodes combining standard E3 Series “building block” modules

• Utilizes state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processor

• Architecture based on ARCnet, one of the simplest, least expensive proven LANs available

• Network functions include: mass notification, fire alarm system control, fire fighter telephone, live voice paging, network wide text messaging to displays, and advanced network wide control